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ACHC/URAC Accreditation

“Accreditation Questions?”

Why accreditation?

Which one do we need to choose?

What is the difference between “Do It Yourself” vs Partnering with EK?

You may have many questions about accreditation.

Whether you’re in need of an initial accreditation, reaccreditation, transitioning from another accreditor, or you are seeking dual accreditation, EK will provide clear guidance.

EK’s Accreditation Support includes:

  • All major Accreditation organizations (AO’s) including URAC, ACHC, TJC, NABP, NCQA, ASHP
  • All Pharmacy Services
  • All Accreditation Types including Initial, Dual, Re-Accreditation
  • Ongoing Compliance Support

Accurate Gap Analysis through Comprehensive Mock survey performed by active surveyors.

Starting with a deep analysis of the total opportunity and existing operations, EK develops a thorough understanding of the organization.

“The moment your organization signs the accreditation agreement, the clock starts ticking.”

EK identifies opportunities, targets and obstacles and takes clinical, financial, regulatory and operational factors into account to develop personalized plans that fit your organization’s unique business models and meet your objectives.
Due to EK consultants’ hands on experiences from working as pharmacy executives, compliance officers, pharmacy directors, clinical pharmacists, QM directors, EK consultants understand every element of specialty pharmacy operations and lead the project extremely fast and smoothly.

EK will be a vital member of your project team and work together with your team as well as provide up to date information, tools and skill sets at an enjoyable pace.

EK will provide key staffing support with essential tasks. This support will save you tremendous time and resources. You will achieve the accreditation with greater success in record time.
“Give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he’ll eat for a lifetime.”

With EK’s educational approach, you will be able to connect the dots between each standard with your operations and develop plans that are meaningful to your organization with clarity and greater confidence. Education and coaching will unlock your employee’s potentials and enable them to deal with the unknown.
Policy makers and health plans seek value-based management of specialty drugs.

You can thrive in the era of value-based health care by providing Patient Management services with proven outcomes. Outstanding Patient Management program is a key element for success as well as a crucial requirement of accreditation. Specialty pharmacies are required to demonstrate their ability to improve clinical outcomes and reduce cost to be included in payer networks, earn referrals from prescribers, and obtain Limited Drug Distribution agreements from pharmaceutical manufacturers and also required to measure outcomes to maintain accreditation from leading accreditation agencies.

With EK, you will develop an individualized Patient Management (PM) program that is tailored to your business model, the current operations and the focused disease states and is also simplified to easily operationalize while meeting all accreditation requirements and promoting therapy outcomes.
A QM/PI Program should be utilized as a tool to successfully achieve goals. EK’s QM/PI Program is highly effective, yet the process is simple and easy to implement which is important to perform continuous quality improvement activities. Quality is your competitive advantage. You will be able to prepare and share proven improvement data with providers, payers and manufacturers.

Collecting and measuring data, capturing the full scope of your practice in a reliable way will demonstrate the value of your specific services to providers, payers and manufacturers.
Simplify the processes! Through EK’s lean methodology, you will not waste time and money.

All programs are developed to streamline operations and achieve sustained compliance without burdening your organization. EK’s simplified process will save tremendous resources including personnel time.

All meetings are thoughtfully prepared to offer valuable education and achieve substantial progress at each session.

No time or resources should be wasted on unnecessary task creation. Save the resources for the real duties, patient care and the business development.
At EK, the mock survey will be performed by ACHC active surveyors who stay current on survey trends and up-to-date requirements.

EK’s Mock Survey service itself will bring tremendous benefits to your organization.

This simulated survey process will prepare your team to excel during survey. With greater confidence, you will be ready for the actual survey.
Oftentimes, dual accreditation is inevitable.

EK helps to achieve dual accreditation in a strategic way through EK’s One System methods. You will have “One Unified System” to comply with both standards and achieve dual accreditation in record time while producing the highest quality outcomes and efficiency. With EK’s dedicated support, you will achieve dual accreditation in the most efficient way while saving tremendous time and resources to move to the next level.
Maintenance is crucial not only because accreditation requires ongoing compliance and payers require continuous quality review data and reports, but also it affects the quality of your service which is the bottom line of your business and significantly impacts the long-term sustainability.

Upon achieving the accreditation, EK Specialty and the client assess the necessity of maintenance compliance service and areas that need support in order to enable your organization to keep up with the latest accreditation standards and continue to improve.
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