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Accreditation Solutions

Accreditation Solutions

Accreditation Solutions

EK provides comprehensive accreditation support to pharmacies and healthcare organizations to achieve an accreditation as well as dual accreditation with 100% success rate. 

All Major Accreditation Organizations (AO’s) including URAC, ACHC, TJC, NABP, NCQA, ASHP:

  • Specialty Pharmacy
  • Home Infusion Pharmacy
  • Mail Order Pharmacy
  • Specialty Distinctions- HIV, Oncology, Rare Diseases
  • Infusion Nursing/Ambulatory Infusion Center

All Accreditation Types including:

  • Initial accreditation: EK’s initial accreditation support will help to establish and implement all key structures and components.
  • Dual accreditation: EK assists organizations to strategically acquire dual accreditation in record time while promoting the highest quality in one unified system.
  • Re-accreditation: EK’s 3-year Reaccreditation Specialists accurately assess the gaps and provide the solutions to secure reaccreditation 

Ongoing Compliance Support:

  • EK’s Ongoing Compliance Support Program offers the most cost-effective solutions to ensure ongoing compliance and continued quality improvement

Why Specialty Pharmacy and Accreditation?

  • We plan to establish a specialty pharmacy. What are the trends?
  • Why do we need accreditation(s)? Which one, When and How many?

How to achieve Initial Accreditation(s)?

How does EK help to achieve initial accreditation(s)?

How to achieve Re-Accreditation(s)?

Our re-accreditation survey is approaching. We have deficiencies in many areas. How does EK help to remediate major deficiencies to secure accreditation?

Accreditation Preparation Processes depending on AO’s and Accreditation types

  • How can we achieve Initial Accreditation(s)?
    Our pharmacy needs accreditation(s) for payer network access.
    How does EK stand out from other consulting firms?
  •  How can we achieve Re-Accreditation(s)?
    Our re-accreditation survey is approaching.
    We need to address deficiencies and 3-year compliance requirements.
    How does EK provide a strategy for remediation?

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