About Us
Why EK Specialty?

EK Specialty Pharmacy Consulting is a Los Angeles, California based firm that specializing in Pharmacy Regulatory Compliance, Accreditation, Operations Management, Quality Management and Clinical Pharmacy Program.

EK Specialty Pharmacy Consultants are ACHC Certified Consultant Pharmacists and ACHC contracted surveyors. 

EK Consultants have over 15 years of experience in pharmacy. This includes Clinical Pharmacists, Directors of Pharmacy, Pharmacy Executives and Lead consultant in Home Infusion and Specialty Pharmacies. 





Secure accreditation through EK's value delivery process

EK has 100% success rate for the full accreditation on the first survey. More importantly, you will find the value of the process. We will be with you every step of the way to secure the accreditation in the right way. Your time and resources should not be used just to pass " the exam". With EK, the process will promote excellent clinical programs and streamline the workflow which will ultimately optimize patient care.


Enhance efficiencies and operational margins through EK's simplified process

The accreditation process requires a significant investment. In addition to all other benefits, the process must promote efficiencies to reduce overall operating costs while improving the quality of your services.

Also, the accreditation requires ongoing compliance. All programs must be simplified and easy to operationalize. EK will design pharmacy workflow from start to finish to maximize operational efficiencies to comply with all requirements.


Bring clarity of all requirements through EK's educational process

You will clearly understand the whole picture of accreditation standards and each requirement through EK's unique educational approach. This process will provide you clarity to build a solid foundation for regulatory compliance, quality improvement and optimization of operations. With greater confidence, you will best utilize available resources to develop your own advanced programs that will distinguish your services from others.