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EK Specialty Pharmacy Consulting is a Los Angeles, California based firm that specializes in Specialty Pharmacy Regulatory Compliance, Accreditation and Clinical Pharmacy Program.

Our Consultants have over 15 years of experience in the area of Clinical Pharmacy, Director of Pharmacy, VP of Regulatory Compliance and Pharmacy Services, and principal pharmacy consulting in various Specialty pharmacy settings including IV Home Infusion Pharmacies. Our consultants assist with Compounding, IV Home Infusion and Specialty Pharmacies to achieve excellence in Regulatory Compliance, Accreditation and Clinical Pharmacy Programs.




  • All services are provided by ACHC Certified Consultant Pharmacists. 
  • All SOPs will be formulated as realistic, practical, and customized based on the products and services your organization provides not only to cover regulatory compliance but to guide your staff in the delivery of consistent, high-quality care. It is important to develop clear and consice procedures and meet all applicable federal, state and local regulations and accreditation organization mandatory standards. We will provide consistenct SOPs that will allow your organization enough flexibility to permit staff to use their own professional judgment, as appropriate. Within each manual, subgroups/chapters will be created in a simplest way.
  • We are familiar with pharmacy software program providing evidence-based best practices and operational strategies to maximize the efficiency in your business operation. Additionally, we provide: Essential audit tools, templates, compliance checklists and self-assessment tool to futher guideto further guide the accreditation preparation and maintenance process.
  • Comprehensive staff training will be provided. Educating staff is a vital aspect of accreditation survey preparation. Staff involvement is paramount during the survey process. It is not enough for higher-level staff, such as the Administrator and/or Supervisor to be knowledgeable and prepared. Direct patient care staff must be prepared as well. A friendly, knowledgeable consultant will assist you with any questions and provide guidance throughout the consulting process. Training with EK Specialty Consultants is an exciting and enjoyable process.