EK Specialty Pharmacy Consulting

Accreditiation Support
Compliance Support
Clinical Pharmacy Program
Operations Management


EK provides comprehensive accreditation support to pharmacies and healthcare organizations

to achieve an accreditation as well as dual accreditation with 100% success rate.


EK’s Accreditation Support

  • Accreditation organizations (AO): all major AO's including URAC, ACHC, TJC, NABP, NCQA, ASHP
  • Specialized Services include:
  • Specialty Pharmacy
  • Home Infusion Pharmacy
  • Mail Order Pharmacy
  • Nursing
  • Ambulatory Infusion Center
  • Specialty Distinction such as HIV and oncology


EK’s Accreditation Assistance Service includes:

1. Initial accreditation: EK’s initial accreditation support will help to establish and implement all key structures and components such as policies and procedures that address up to date requirements, essential programs and modules and appropriate quality initiatives in a comprehensive yet simplistic way. It is important to establish this very first step strategically to ensure sustained compliance and outcomes as well as to secure immediate success.

2. Re-accreditation: EK's 3-year Reaccreditation Specialists accurately assess the gaps and provide the solutions to secure reaccreditation

3. Dual accreditation: EK assists organizations to strategically acquire dual accreditation in record time while promoting the highest quality in one unified system.

  • Development of “One unified set” of SOPs and programs to comply with both accreditation standards (ACHC and URAC)
  • Policies and Procedures revision to align the organization’s operations with up-to-date standards and industry trends
  • Complete crosswalk to ensure all requirements are addressed and met

 4. Ongoing Compliance Support: EK offers cost-effective solutions to ensure ongoing compliance.


Key Components of EK’s Accreditation Assistance

  • Mock Survey and Gap Analysis
  • Individualized project plans
  • Policies and Procedures and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Implementation Support
  • Patient Management (PM) Program: Care Plans, Assessments
  • Quality Management (QM), Performance Improvement (PI) Program
  • Staff Education and Training
  • Final mock survey prior to onsite validation
  • Survey day assistance
  • Post survey sssistance including plans of correction (POC) submission





Outstanding Patient centered clinical programs and proven clinical outcomes are one of the most pivotal components for a specialty pharmacy's success.
EK will assist you to develop your own clinical programs that are drug specific, meet your patients’ needs, demonstrate your unique cares, and fit your business model.
These uniquely designed internal programs will promote overall performance, distinguish your services from other providers, and help to yield sustained outcomes including superior ROIs.
EK takes an in-depth look at your business model, strengths and obstacles and identifies opportunities to penetrate the market by developing and promoting your core products to stakeholders, payors and manufacturers.
EK serves as clinical pharmacy advisor for specialty, infusion pharmacies as well as healthcare providers to provide unparalleled expertise and practical guidance.
EK’s Clinical Program Support includes:
  • Development of Patient Management Programs
  • Creation of therapy specific care plans, assessments and protocols
  • Provision of clinical pharmacy oversight
  • Clinical training tools and in-service modules
  • Assistance with marketing materials to promote your uniquely designed programs and services 
  • Patient outcome data management to promote marketing and payers’ network, manufacturer access
Development of new programs or purchase of new technology won’t add values if they are not appropriately implemented and aligned within your existing operations.
Establishing and implementing new programs and effectively managing them can be challenging and demanding tasks.
EK provides tailored support to ensure complete and successful implementation of new programs much more quickly and smoothly to maximize potential values and ROI.
Also, specialty pharmacies should leverage highly experienced, multi-disciplinary teams and technologies to create synergistic workflow and maximize outcomes.
You will facilitate the patient’s access to care, remove barriers to treatment, and reduce patient abandonment rates by integrating clinical teams with intake, billing and care coordination specialists and sales teams. Aligning teams based on shared goals creates a workplace culture focused on process improvement, cross-functional learning, and organizational efficiency.
EK will evaluate your current operations including workflow, software programs, technology, payor contracts and staffing to identify the areas for improvement. EK will provide solutions to promote operational efficiency to meet your current and future goals.
EK’s Operational Support includes: 
  • Designing your infusion, specialty pharmacy
  • Selecting and implementing software programs to maximize the operational efficiency while meeting accreditation requirements
  • Assisting with data and analytics to provide clients with the complete view of specialty pharmacy operations and quality improvement:
  • Payer network access assistance with credentialing process and strategies to gain access
  • Staff training and education
  • Intake, billing, sales teams training
  • Marketing assistance to promote your distinguished services to referral sources, payers and patients.
  • Inside sales enhancement
  • Development of marketing materials
  • Solutions to reduce patient abandonment rate

Ensuring full compliance is one of the most critical components of a successful specialty pharmacy; however, it can be challenging since federal and state agencies and accrediting entities constantly impose strict standards and guidelines.

EK provides optimal compliance support to ensure ongoing compliance and ease your burdens.


EK’s Compliance Support includes:

  • Ongoing compliance with regulatory, accreditation and contractual requirements
  • Home Infusion Pharmacy Compliance Program-  Sterile compounding pharmacies with USP 797/ 800 Compliance-  Preparation of State Board of Pharmacy Sterile Compounding Licensing inspections-  Mock inspections and gap analysis
  • Provision of compliance oversight
  • Auditing and monitoring services-  On-going comprehensive audits to promptly identify risks and areas for improvement-  Accurate assessments of your current compliance
-  Immediate remediation plans
-  Long-lasting solutions in vulnerable areas