Clinical Pharmacy Program
Regulatory Compliance
Accreditation Assistance
Operations Management

All Services are provided

by ACHC Certified Consultant Pharmacist


  • Clinical advisory to all associated parties including clinical team and healthcare providers
  • Development of clinical training tools and in-service modules
  • Establishment of Clinical Compliance protocols covering all aspects of clinical operations
  • Order process application to ensure Completeness, Appropriateness, Effectiveness and Safety of Speciatly Medication Thereapy.
  • Creation of detailed Plan of Care and Protocol of each Specialty Medication Therapy
  • Documentation procedures application to comply with regulatory and accreditation standards and to promote marketing 
  • CPR+ Specialty/Home Infusion Pharmacy software program set up
  • MTM (Medication Therapy Management) Program
  • URAC Patient Management Program
  • Specialty Pharmacy projects





EK Specialty Pharmacy Consulting approach is straightforward, strategic, efficient and easy to implement, and helps your organization to obtain strategy in establishing practical operations management while achieving regulatory compliance and accredition 

Through the consulting process, EK Specialty Pharmacy Consultant strives to help our customers to:

  • Understand all applicable federal, state and local regulations and Accreditation organization mandatory standards through comprehensive training session.
  • Comply with all state and local laws that pertain to operating your organization to ensure compliance with the most stringent regulation
  • Promote staff competency and engagement
  • Increase clinical competence through clinical program development and education
  • Strengthen Pharmacy operations by utilizing pharmacy software program to maximize the efficiency
  • Develop and implement Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement Programs by establishing measures, analyzing data reports, identifying opportunities for improvement and correcting errors
  • Promote patient safety and medication therapy efficacy
  • Promote clinical, financial and patient quality of life outcomes
  1. State Board of Pharmacy Sterile Compounding License: New Application and Renewal
  2. State Board of Pharmacy Sterile Compounding Inspection Preparation.
  3. Multi-state Board Pharmacy License Application
  • Gap Analysis
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Quality Assurance Program Management
  • Mock Inspection
  • Compliance Audit
  • USP 797/ 800 Compliance
  • Onsite Pharmacy personnel Training
  • Prescription audit and correction

Assistance Compounding/IV Home Infusion/Specialty Pharmacy in achieving accreditaion and on-going compliance with ACHC, URAC, JACHO, VIPPS, CHAP

  • Gap Analysis
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Development of Standard Operating Procedures
  • Plan of Care development and Reassessment
  • Mock Surveys
  • Performance Improvement Program Development and Audit
  • Quality Assurance Program Management
  • Risk Managment
  • Patient Management Program - URAC
  • Plan of Correction